About 🎧Daz The DJ🎧

I'm a 50 year old carer, looking after my elderly mentally handicapped uncle. Learning to DJ has given me a nice outlet. A little history: In Halifax in the 80’s there was a club called Crossleys Bar. It was based in Dean Clough and featured three distinct floors, now from memory, and bearing in mind this is nearly 35 years ago, it had three huge floors, one floor was for pop music, one for indie/rock and the third and by far the most popular was House Music. This was my first introduction to house, and that music could be mixed to create a seamless continuation. It blew my mind. There were a few cock-ups and the mix didn’t go too well, but 95% of the time, you could hardly tell the music was being mixed. I did work in the pub trade for a few years, this managed to put me very close to the DJ’s and what they do before the pubs opened and after they closed, but I never had much confidence and never dared ask for a demo or a quick lesson. Then also life got in the way. Roll on 35 years and here I am in November 2019 finally learning to do what they did in the mid 80’s. The truth is it’s easy to learn, though hard to master, but once you get the basics down the rest comes naturally through time and experience. And a lot of mistakes! A huge thank you to Crossfader in Leeds for making this new skill easy and intuitive to learn. Be warned though, the gear can get quite expensive, even the beginner stuff can set you back £500, but once you have it you won’t stop learning. I’ve spent… £250 on a DDJ 400, £180 on an XP1, £100 on speakers, £150 on headphones and a stand that was £20. That’s so far a whopping £620 and I now want a DDJ 1000 (<£1100).