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1. Most importantly, use the hashtag #CRTcompetition(insert number here)mix5tracks
so it'll be #CRTcompetition4mix5tracks. The HASHTAG IS ESSENTIAL. If you don't use it, your mix will get lost in a sea of other posts. It can also help using it on mixcloud and or soundcloud or youtube, or what ever platform you use.

2. (final rule?) The winner will pick the next 5 tracks, unless they won the previous competition too, then the winner will pick another person to pick the next 5 tracks. Links will be provided by the winner so everyone can buy a copy of the tracks.

3. The tracks chosen MUST be used, no alternative mixes, no acapella's. There can be ZERO deviation from this rule.

4. The competition runs for 7 days once the five tracks have been picked and published.

5. In the event of a tie, then either an admin, or Darron Mullen will decide. If you absolutely insist that you won, then yes, we can be bought with expensive gear, lavish gifts and or over-seas holidays. (Yes this last part is a joke... or is it?)

6. File sharing. The tracks picked should be purchased by anyone who wants to enter the competition, and thus support the artists.
But file sharing is allowed. (It's been done once in the past and nobody freaked out.

7. Voting starts 7 days after the the list of tracks was published, and lasts for 3 days.
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